Sweet Grayson {Autism photoshoot}

Meet one of my favorite 6 years olds. I get to see Grayson every Thursday and I have the privilege of watching him progress during our speech therapy sessions. Our sessions are peppered with snuggles and hugs while we work {the best!} He is the sweetest boy and I am lucky to have him and his family in my life.

His mother and I spoke after I made my photography business public and she expressed that she and her husband have not taken family photos in years because of the fear that the photographer would not be able to accommodate their family. Grayson has Autism and booking a photography session could present some challenges. I am SO happy that I could ease their fears and provide them with a comfortable photography experience.

The love that Amy and Adam have for Grayson is so tangible in these photos. My eyes well up every time I look at these pictures. Although Grayson is not able to verbally express himself, the love he has for his parents is reflected in the way he looks at them. His smile, his laugh, and his gaze all demonstrate how much he loves them and more importantly, how loved he is by them.

Grab some tissues and enjoy!IMG_4341IMG_4356IMG_4374IMG_4379IMG_4416IMG_4424IMG_4429IMG_4438IMG_4458-2IMG_4492IMG_4498IMG_4506IMG_4539-2IMG_4564-2IMG_4579IMG_4589IMG_4623-2IMG_4632-2IMG_4686IMG_4528

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