Gender reveal

I’m so very excited to share these photos! At the time of this photo shoot, The Thurmans did not know the gender of their baby. A couple days before our shoot, Jenn asked me what she should wear. I recommended neutrals for most of the photos and then they could change into pink and blue and we could post whichever photos once they found out the gender. When I showed up, they were both in blue and I said, “I know what gender y’all are hoping for!” 🙂 Although I know that they would be grateful for a healthy baby regardless of the gender, I’m so happy that they get to start their journey as parents of the boy they were {secretly} hoping for. They are such a fun couple that wanted casual and candid photos. I think we accomplished that and their dog, Sadie, even participated! Congratulations to the Thurman family! I can’t wait to meet him.IMG_4281IMG_4213IMG_4216IMG_4224IMG_4229IMG_4235IMG_4237IMG_4240IMG_4243IMG_4246IMG_4252IMG_4253IMG_4256IMG_4260IMG_4276

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